Wiffle Ball Rules

The wiffle ball tournament will run on regular baseball rules except for the following:

1.    Game Length. A wiffle ball game will last 4 innings.

2.    Run Limit. The run limit for each inning is 10 runs

3.    Tie Game. At the end of 4 innings, if the score is tied, a “Home Run Derby” will determine the tiebreaker.

a.              Each team will select one hitter and one pitcher. The visiting team will go first, followed by the Home team.

b.              Each team will pitch to themselves and receives five pitches for contact. Regardless of home runs, or foul balls each hitter is allowed five contacts.

c.              This process concludes when one team has more home runs than the other at the end of a complete cycle (Visiting Team & Home Team).

d.              Teams are NOT allowed to switch hitters, and, or pitchers once they are selected.

4.    Outs. Outs may occur in 3 forms: Strike Out, Force Out, and Tag Out.

5.    Pitchers Hand. The fielding team may throw a batted ball to a player with at least one foot in the pitchers circle to receive a force out for the batter advancing to first base.

a.              This rule only works for advancing to first base.

b.              You cannot double up a runner on first when a fly out occurs by tossing the ball to the pitchers mound. In order to double up a runner on first in case of a fly out the ball must be received by a fielder at first base.

6.    Strikes. A pitch that strikes the constructed strike zone, or results in a swinging miss constitutes a “Strike”.

a.              The ball must make contact with the strike zone to count as a looking strike.

b.              A ball that hits the legs of the strike zone is not a strike.

c.              Dropped third strikes do not apply.

7.    Balls. Any ball that does not hit the square strike zone or result in a swinging miss constitutes a “Ball”.

a.              Four “Balls” result in a free pass, or walk to first base.

b.              A ball that strikes a batter, or a Hit By Pitch counts as 1 ball.

8.    Players. Each team is comprised of 6 players: 1 Pitcher, 1 Catcher, and 4 Fielders.

a.              If you have a roster larger than 6 all may bat but only 6 can take the field.

b.              A team of 5 players may play without any penalty so far as they provide 1 Pitcher and 1 Catcher.

c.              A team of 4 players is penalized one out after the fourth batter each time. 


9.     Substitutions. Substitutions are allowed.

a.              A player may switch positions at the beginning of each half inning. This may occur as many times as you like as long as a team does not have more than 6 players on the field.

10.   Catcher. Each team must have one catcher.

a.              For the pitch the Catcher is to be positioned behind the chair and in front of the white painted half circle.

b.              The Catcher may leave the catcher area during a ball in play or to retrieve a foul ball.

c.              A caught foul tip will result in an out only after the second strike occurs.

11.    Bunting, Leading off, & Stealing.

                    a. Bunting, leading off, and stealing are not allowed.

12.   Bats and Balls. The Wiffle ball brand has endorsed our tournament

                    a. Bats and balls will be provided.


                      c. Do not tape or alter our bats in any way. Thank you