Apply for Assistance

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Ball Parks 4 Him would be honored to sponsor your child’s sport’s needs.  Applications must be completed and postmarked by the United States Postal Service no later than the 10th of month to be considered for funding. Emailed and faxed applications will automatically be denied. All incomplete applications will be automatically denied. The application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Determination will be made no later than the 15th of the month. You will be notified of by the 20th of the month if your application has been approved for sponsorship.

Application and REQUIRED Supporting documentation:

  • Application for Assistance
    (click on link to print out form)
  • Picture Video Release Form  must be filled out, signed and returned.
    (click on above link to print out form)
  • Copy of students Medicaid acceptance letter.  If your child does not receive Medicaid then provide a copy of the child free or reduce lunch form on School letterhead and 2 month pay stubs for everyone in the home.
  • Copy of previous year tax return.
  • Letter from the Coach, Teacher or Pastor explaining why they think your child would benefit from being sponsored by Ball Parks 4 Him.
  • Flyer or explanation of the program including cost, dates, location, and activities your child will be participating in. If this is application is for fees associated with a travel team, we need to know what fundraisers the child/parent has participated in to raise funds.
  • Copy of the child’s last report card.
  • Application must be SIGNED.

Because of the overwhelming request for assistance, we require that the application and all required documents be submitted together. Any partial application or documentation will be automatically denied for assistance.

We believe in the children in our community and look forward to assisting them making their sports dreams of today a reality of their tomorrow.

Have a blessed day,

Missy Siegfried
Zach’s mom & memory keeper
Ball Parks 4 Him